Sidney B. Meadows 
Scholarship Endowment Fund

Providing Scholarships
to Students in Sixteen 
Southeastern States
Pursuing a Career 
in Horticulture
This year's recipients represent the brightest minds and most determined future industry leaders from a well-qualified pool of nearly 30 applicants. 
2013 Scholarship Recipients
Twelve students from eight universities were chosen to receive Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Awards this year. Scholarship recipients are determined through a competitive application process, administered by the selection committee, based on academics, determination, demonstration of interest in the horticulture industry, and financial need. This year’s recipients were chosen from a pool of nearly 30 well-qualified applicants.

“Congratulations to this exemplary group of students who have excelled academically and demonstrated determination and a passion for horticulture,” said Danny Summers, Executive Vice President of the fund. "These scholarship awards will help lighten their financial load as they pursue their careers and I am excited about the contribution each will make to our industry. I wish everyone could read each student's application and supportive letters and hear directly from them how much this means to their education. Their hearts are in every word and to later read the thank you letters gives you a true sense of what these awards mean coming from the industry. Thank you to everyone who has supported the fund's development," he added. 

The $1,500 awards, totaling $18,000, were presented to:

Jared Barnes - North Carolina State University
Jared is a PhD candidate at North Carolina State University. 
Jamie Felipe - Auburn University
Jaime is a senior at Auburn University. 

Lauren Gragg - North Carolina State University
Lauren Gragg is a Graduate Student at North Carolina State University.
Laura Kaderabek – North Carolina State University
Laura Kaderabek is a Senior at North Carolina State University.
Daniel Leonard - University of Florida at Milton
Recipient of Dr. James & Faye Foret Scholarship
Daniel Leonard is a Senior at University of Florida at Milton.
Julienne NeSmith – University of Florida
Julienne NeSmith is a Senior at the University of Florida. 

David Roberts – North Carolina State University
Recipient of Robert L. VanLandingham Scholarship
David Roberts is a PhD candidate at North Carolina State University.
James Rockwell – Virginia Tech 
Recipient of the Art & Millie Lancaster Scholarship
James Rockwell is a Junior at Virginia Tech. 
Andrew Scruggs – North Carolina State University
Andrew Scruggs is a Senior at North Carolina State University.
Kimberly Shearer - North Carolina State University 
Kimberly Shearer is a Senior at North Carolina State University.

Kevin Trostel – Middle Tennessee State University
Kevin Trostel is a Graduate Student at Middle Tennessee State University. 
Sanford Wooten – North Carolina State University
Sanford Wooten is a Senior at North Carolina State University.